This roadside town is the last stop in Qadira proper for merchants traveling eastward into the heart of the empire, and the first way station for caravans entering the satrapy. Nestled on the southern shores of the Pashman River, the town of Khoka is packed with merchant caravans, shiftless mercenaries, interesting bargains, and—as one trader put it—“more rumours than could fill a hundred ears.”

Because it is the last stop within Qadira, and the only real trading post for many miles eastward, Khoka is often an ideal place for traveling merchants (and needy adventurers) to find excellent bargains on goods that must be sold by their purveyors before returning to Kelesh. Rumours of what supplies or goods are selling for the highest prices in Katheer are the most precious commodity, followed by provisions for hungry mounts and scruffy mercenaries willing to replace fallen guards.


small town


Population 920


Base Value 1 000 gp; Purchase Limit 5 000 gp; Spellcasting level 4 spells

Armour +1 buckler (1 165 gp)
Potion bull’s strength (300 gp)
Scroll (Arcane) protection from good (25 gp)
Scroll (Divine) protection from chaos (25 gp)
Wand erase (48 charges, 720 gp), greater magic weapon (41 charges, 9 225 gp)
Weapon +1 dire flail (2 690 gp)
Wondrous Items fan feather token (200 gp), pearl of power ( 1st) (1 000 gp), necklace of fireballs type V (5 850 gp)


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