The Whispering Tyrant is imprisoned in Gallowspire by the Shining Crusade.


Harrowstone is destroyed in a fire.


Arodus 31: Ovidiu born near Tamrivena.


Pharast 15: Miri and Miri born.

Sarenith 18: Isinwen born near Anactoria.


Calistril 27: Arlyxannah born.


Summer Professor Lorrimor retires from teaching at the University of Lepidstadt. The Lorrimor family moves to Ravengro.


Toilday, Calistril 1: Professor Lorrimor updates his will for the last time.


Oathday, Calistril 2: Professor Lorrimor dies.

Fireday, Calistril 17: Fated Moon (Full Moon)
Starday, Calistril 18: Professor Lorrimor’s funeral. The PCs gather in Ravengro, meeting each other and staying with Kendra Lorrimor.

Sunday, Calistril 19: The PCs spend the day helping Kendra around the house. That evening they hear that someone has written the letter “V” on the Harrowstone memorial in blood.
Moonday, Calistril 20: The PCs learn that someone has written an “E” on the Harrowstone memorial in blood. The townsfolk think it’s the PCs. Several of them enter the false mausoleum in the Restlands and take all of the objects they find in the sarcophagus. The others join Imdlara and Morguvic in retrieving a stolen item that had been of interest to Professor Lorrimor. The group that entered the mausoleum attempts to contact Professor Lorrimor via the spirit board, but are apparently unsuccessful. They return to the memorial and meet Lireia as she is putting flowers in the fountain. They defend her from some big ravens, then return to the memorial and hide. They defend two teenagers from similar ravens, and take their unconscious bodies to Father Grimburrow, who heals them. They stay all night at the memorial, but no one else goes there.
Toilday, Calistril 21: They return to Lorrimor Manor, have breakfast, and sleep until early afternoon. They spend the rest of the daylight hours doing research in various places (the professor’s library, the church of Pharasma, the town hall, and the Unfurling Scroll). They learn a great deal about Harrowstone and some of its more notable inmates. As they are heading back to Lorrimor Manor they meet an undead human, whom they burn. Meanwhile, the other group has killed an undead boar and has retrieved two more stolen objects.
Wealday, Calistril 22: Skeletons attack the town square during the farmer’s market. The heroes track their source back to various graves in the Restlands. Ovidiu determines that the seals on the graves are merely ceremonial and thus unable to actually prevent the dead from rising. That night the letter “S” is drawn on the Harrowstone memorial.
Oathday, Calistril 23: The heroes do some research and learn about the Whispering Way. That evening there is a town meeting at the hall, which the heroes save from burning down. That night an “O” is drawn in blood on the Harrowstone memorial.
Fireday, Calistril 24: Many people from the town come together to repaint and repair the town hall. The heroes buy kegs of beer and help with the repairs. At some point during the night the letter “R” appears in blood on the Harrowstone memorial.
Starday, Calistril 25: The town council presents awards to the heroes, and gives them permission to make one trip to Harrowstone. They make the trip to the prison. On the way back, they capture Crazy Bogden after he assaults them. At some point during the night the letter “I” appears in blood on the Harrowstone memorial.

Sunday, Calistril 26: Ovidiu leads the liturgy at the church of Pharasma. Ka’kutah takes a diamond necklace to the Silk Purse in hopes of selling it. Miruna accompanies the group to Harrowstone, while Ovidiu stays behind. Digger and Snow Blossom are attacked by an ectoplasmic human. Ovidiu rejoins the group, then they fight the Lopper, a fiery skeleton, and an ooze. They then return to town.
Moonday, Calistril 27: Arlyxannah celebrates her seventeenth birthday. The group goes back to Harrowstone and makes short work of the Splatter Man, freeing the prison of its undead taint once and for all. Ka’kutah is told by the Silk Purse that he has forty-eight hours to leave town. The townspeople are all inexplicably happy, and there is a large party based loosely in and around the Laughing Demon.
Toilday, Calistril 28: People feel delicate.
Wealday, Pharast 1: Farmer’s market in Ravengro. There is another party in the evening.
Oathday, Pharast 2: People feel delicate.
Fireday, Pharast 3: The town council rewards the party for their work in Harrowstone. The Silk Purse purchases the Corvin Necklace from Ka’kutah. There is a party in the evening.
Starday, Pharast 4: People feel delicate.

Sunday, Pharast 5: Day of Bones Pharasmins parade the recent dead in a procession, then inter corpses for free.
Moonday, Pharast 6-Toilday, Pharast 7: Life continues.
Wealday, Pharast 8: Farmer’s market in Ravengro. The Dutachka caravan arrives in Ravengro with mail for Miri M and Miri V. There is a party in the evening at the caravan camp.
Oathday, Pharast 9: There is a party in the evening at the Dutachka caravan camp.
Fireday, Pharast 10: There is a party in the evening at the Dutachka caravan camp.
Starday, Pharast 11: The Dutachka caravan leaves Ravengro, taking letters with it from Isinwen, Miri M, and Miri V.

Sunday, Pharast 12: Ovidiu is involved in the worship service.
Moonday, Pharast 13-Toilday, Pharast 14: Life continues.
Wealday, Pharast 15: Miri and Miri celebrate their twenty-second birthday. Farmer’s market in Ravengro. There is a big party.
Oathday, Pharast 16: People feel delicate.
Fireday, Pharast 17: There is a going-away party for all the people leaving Ravengro, including the six party members, Annalieza, and Kendra.
Starday, Pharast 18: The heroes are released from their obligation to stay in Ravengro. They travel all day, taking Annalieza and Kendra with them. That evening they reach Castle Andachi on the Bleakwall, but see an orc sentry and decide not to go in.

Sunday, Pharast 19: Rebirth Moon (Full Moon) Early in the morning, an orc patrol stumbles onto the party. Miri Vishki dies, but gasps back to life almost immediately afterward. The group defeats the orcs, then hastily leaves the area of Castle Andachi. They encounter two more orcs guarding an orc-steer. They flee for a full day, but after making camp are caught by the orcs, whom they slay.
Moonday, Pharast 20: They travel.
Toilday, Pharast 21: They arrive in Tamrivena in the morning. Miri M and Ovidiu visit their contacts.
Wealday, Pharast 22: The group buys new outfits, then attends the Grand Ball. After setting the party hall on fire and causing the ball to be cancelled they go to Hilda’s and have alcoholic beverages.
Oathday, Pharast 23: They nurse their hangovers.
Fireday, Pharast 24: They deal with final issues around town.
Starday, Pharast 25: They leave Tamrivena first thing in the morning and make it to a partially-fallen bridge leading to Courtaud. During the night they are ambushed by a vampire spawn named Alci and four gnome mercenaries, whom they defeat.

Sunday, Pharast 26: They rest.
Moonday, Pharast 27: They journey toward Courtaud.
Toilday, Pharast 28: They arrive in Courtaud in mid-day. They check out the Living Water and the Darkling Draught (while drunk). Arlyxannah starts to break into the town hall, but leaves without entering.
Wealday, Pharast 29: They nurse their hangovers and leave Courtaud.
Oathday, Pharast 30: They travel. Late in the day they arrive in Lepidstadt.
Fireday, Pharast 31: They visit the courthouse and watch some of the trial. They receive their inheritance from Professor Lorrimor. Judge Daramid convinces many of the group to assist in the defence of the Beast of Lepidstadt. Ka’kutah hooks up with Zia.
Starday, Gozran 1: Early in the morning the group travels to Morast, where they investigate. They return to Lepidstadt and trace some of their evidence to Vorkstag & Grine. Ovidiu and Ka’kutah return to the university. The others present evidence at court, then head to Hergstag. They encounter some wraiths and decline to engage them in combat. They return to Lepidstadt.

Sunday, Gozran 2: The group presents evidence at court, then travels to the Karb Isle Sanctuary. They fight some ghasts and are nearly defeated but ultimately prevail. They track down Karl, a blind man who used to work there. Miri V pays to have his vision restored, and he tearfully promises them all of the help he can possibly give them. That evening they foil an angry mob trying to storm the courthouse to kill the Beast.
Moonday, Gozran 3: The group presents their final batch of evidence, and the Beast is declared to be not guilty. Many people in town are very unhappy about this. The group fights Seekreek, one of the primary instigators of the riot the night before, slaying her. They assault Vorkstag & Grine’s Chymic Works, with the help of Bartrir the horned demon, and slay many people. They deliver evidence to Judge Daramid, who hires them to make sure that the Beast is both safe and unthreatening.
Toilday, Gozran 4: They journey toward Schloss Caromarc, encountering an angry mob along the way.
Wealday, Gozran 5: Late in the day they reach the Schloss, and discover trolls looting the guardhouse. They attack the trolls, slaying one, before withdrawing.
Oathday, Gozran 6: They bind Bartrir to help them against the trolls, which he does. Miri V receives a sending from her cousin Marta that the caravan is near. The group goes out to meet them, then the caravan helps the remnants of the angry mob prepare to return to Lepidstadt.
Fireday, Gozran 7: They all journey toward Lepidstadt.
Starday, Gozran 8: They arrive in Lepidstadt. They receive their reward from Judge Daramid. Miri V receives a visit from Lessien Elanessë. The group retrieves the equipment that Kendra had been storing for them. Miri M buys a bunch of drinks at the milk bar.

Sunday, Gozran 9: Arlyxannah does a lot of research at the university, including interviewing Professor Hanamith Vortrani, part of the religious studies faculty. Arlyxannah achieves surreptitious access to the magical book archives.
Moonday, Gozran 10: The group spends the day inventorying and selling old equipment.
Toilday, Gozran 11: After some expensive shopping trips the group returns to the Karb Isle Sanctuary and despatches the surviving undead. A demon named Snirq is released as a result. He is rude and ungrateful.
Wealday, Gozran 12: They research their current equipment. Miri and Miri acquire black kittens.
Oathday, Gozran 13: They prepare to leave Lepidstadt with the Vishki caravan.
Fireday, Gozran 14: Early in the morning they depart Lepidstadt for Courtaud.
Starday, Gozran 15: They travel.

Sunday, Gozran 16: Flood Moon (Full Moon) At around mid-day they arrive in Courtaud. The caravan stays at the Silver Goblet. By the time Miri Vishki is finishing helping her family unpack and get settled, it is late afternoon. The group checks out the two wells, but cannot open the Darkling Draught. They buy some silver weapons and ponder the wanted poster for Arlyxannah Zunaida.
Moonday, Gozran 17: The group heads into the Shudderwood, accompanied by Marta Vishki and a wagon. They stop at a hunting shack and meet Hog, then go to a building set into the side of a hill. There they meet Semiya and her golems, and after fighting her and then stopping they team up against a pair of vampires. The vampires turn into mist and disappear into the ground beneath Semiya’s home. Semiya teleports three of the group into the basement, where they permanently dispatch the vampires. The group returns to Courtaud.
Toilday, Gozran 18: The group spends the day performing various maintenance tasks in Courtaud.
Wealday, Gozran 19: The group sets out for Ascanor Lodge, stopping in to see Semiya so that Miri V can give her a gift. They fight some small fungus people. That night their camp is attacked by werewolves, most of whom are bought off by Miri V’s gift of Digger (her mule).
Oathday, Gozran 20: Ka’kutah follows a trail of coins to an abandoned tower, where the group fights a weaverworm and some ettercaps. That night they fight two big spiders and a fire wolf while trying to sleep.
Fireday, Gozran 21: They travel less swiftly in order to rest up from their ordeal.
Starday, Gozran 22: They arrive at Ascanor Lodge. After convincing the porter to let them stay, they encounter Delgros, Duristan, and half a dozen guards. The heroes retrieve a dead stag, kill some dire boars, and defeat the werewolves apparently drawn by Duristan’s bait.

Sunday, Gozran 23: Soon after midnight, Duristan and the survivors return to Ascanor. The group is eventually welcomed, and they sleep most of the day. That afternoon Arlyxannah steals a book from the secure library.
Moonday, Gozran 24: Isinwen assists Estovian with an arcane ritual, giving transmutation abilities to some of the party.
Toilday, Gozran 25: A giant tarantula attacks the lodge. There is evidence of foul play.
Wealday, Gozran 26: Adivian Adrissant arrives at the lodge in the morning. That afternoon the party leaves, accompanied by Duristan.
Oathday, Gozran 27: In the afternoon the group arrives at the ancient holy site of Desna. They kill some werewolves and some sort of incorporeal thing. They negotiate with Cybrisa Dorzhanev, then pursue the packlord’s heart. They rescue Berek the Smooth and Digger the mule from Rhakis Szadro. They press on, and are nearly eaten by a quickwood tree.
Fireday, Gozran 28: In the wee hours of the morning they arrive in Chastel. They sleep in very late in the day, then do some shopping.
Starday, Gozran 29: They spend the day on a barge to Ardis. There is much alcohol consumed.

Sunday, Gozran 30: Rest day. The group does some shopping.
Moonday, Desnus 1: The group finishes shopping, then sets out eastward. They are attacked several times that night.
Toilday, Desnus 2: They get to Langitheath, where there seems to be some overlap with the first world. Some of them are mind-controlled to approach the tower, but the others help them break out of it. That night they meet up with some farmers who also had an encounter with the tower.
Wealday, Desnus 3: The group reaches Feldgrau, where they meet Eugenie. She leads them to Jiri Thanh, who is particularly happy to see Arlyxannah. They are attacked by werewolves and a vampire, all of whom are killed. Jiri dies.
Oathday, Desnus 4: Marta casts speak with dead on Jiri.


Oathday, Neth 5: Having heard that the orcs of Belkzen had grown unusually aggressive, Arlyxannah, Ka’kutah, and Miri Vishki head to Tamrivena. Captain Quin tells them that if they can help with the problem then they will be rewarded by the honour of having shown valour. Unsatisfied with this reward, they (along with Arlyxannah’s friend Kadara and her orc companion Goonug) go to Hilda’s and negotiate a sponsorship.
Fireday, Neth 6: The group recovers from an evening at Hilda’s.
Starday, Neth 7: Early in the morning the five of them leave for Castle Andachi.

Sunday, Neth 8: They travel all day. The weather is cold and cloudy.
Moonday, Neth 9: They get to Castle Andachi. Goonug pretends to be escorting prisoners, and blows a horn announcing his presence. They are attacked by two orcs riding gortheks and hosting mindslaver molds. After dispatching them the group decides to repeat it, so they blow the horn again until mold-ridden orcs leave the castle in force. The group kills them all, then discovers that the lower levels of the castle are completely covered in fungus.
Toilday, Neth 10: They travel toward Ravengro.
Wealday, Neth 11: They arrive in Ravengro. Arlyxannah gets her custom-made lead-lined box from the Silk Purse. Arlyxannah and Miri stay in their cottages and host the others.
Oathday, Neth 12: They leave Ravengro and travel toward Tamrivena.
Fireday, Neth 13-Starday, Neth 14: They travel.

Sunday, Neth 15: They arrive in Tamrivena. Goonug stays outside town. Hilda gives them custom scarves and toques.
Moonday, Neth 16: They have a rest day.
Toilday, Neth 17: They do some shopping, then spend the evening at Hilda’s.
Wealday, Neth 18: They have a rest day.
Oathday, Neth 19: They depart Tamrivena for Valorfoe, collecting Goonug as they go.
Fireday, Neth 20: They travel across the snow.
Starday, Neth 21: There is sleet. They leave Ustalav and cross into Belkzen.

Sunday, Neth 22: Late in the day they arrive at Valorfoe. They defeat Vautha Morxukh after she declares Miri V to be her nemesis. They defeat Mug before they realize that it’s him. They defeat Lady Evgenya Zunaida and a bunch of her orc minions. They discover dark folk beneath Valorfoe, and decide to leave them there.
Moonday, Neth 23: They travel back into Ustalav.
Toilday, Neth 24: They head north toward Tamrivena.
Wealday, Neth 25: Late in the day they arrive in Tamrivena.
Oathday, Neth 26-Starday, Neth-28: They hang out in Tamrivena.

Sunday, Neth 29-Toilday, Kuthona 1: They travel. It rains and occasionally sleets.
Wealday, Kuthona 2: They arrive at Tower Valballus. It has been overrun with lycanthropic orcs led by Mathus Mordrinacht and Aliaba Cinderthane. Arlyxannah makes some sort of deal with them, and they leave. Goonug dies. The group fights an enormous ooze in the basement of the tower, slaying it and taking the instant fortress that had lured the werewolves there in the first place.
Oathday, Kuthona 3-Starday, Kuthona 5: They journey back to Tamrivena.

Sunday, Kuthona 6: Back in Tamrivena, they enjoy fame and sponsorship in the form of free room, board, and many drinks.


Sunday, Abadius 4: They decide to leave Ustalav behind in order to travel to Sedeq to join Ka’kutah’s brother, Folongko.
Moonday, Abadius 5-Starday, Abadius 10: They travel.

Sunday, Abadius 11: They arrive in Urgir.
Moonday, Abadius 12: They arrange for teleportation to Sedeq.
Toilday, Abadius 13: They arrive in Sedeq.
Wealday, Abadius 14: They sell loot and go shopping.

Sunday, Calistril 10: Arrival of the Damned Jewel in Sedeq. Ka’kurah and his brother, Folongko, are reunited after years apart. Folongko introduces his girlfriend, Hunaydah.
Moonday, Calistril 11-Starday, Calistril 16: Hilda’s Glowing Carrots show Folongko, Hunaydah, and their captain (Zarrnok the hobgoblin) around Sedeq.

Sunday, Calistril 17-Starday, Calistril 23: The group takes a barge up-river.

Sunday, Calistril 24: They disembark from the barge and start toward Dimayen overland.
Moonday, Calistril 25: They travel. That night they are attacked by some odd six-legged lightning lizards.
Toilday, Calistril 26: They travel all day. They decide to cram into their portable fortress for the night. This helps them when a sand kraken attacks their mule.
Wealday, Calistril 27: They travel all day.
Oathday, Calistril 28: They arrive in Dimayen. They help the Long Whiskers mercenary company subdue their captain. Hundaydah introduces Folongko to her family. They learn that there is some sort of plague or curse known as the Feast of Dust. They go to the Fabled & Forgotten book store to investigate, where they fight a ghoul and an invisible stalker. In the printing room they fight two big creatures, one of which teleports away. They tell stories around town about their exploits, hoping for an invitation to the Whitewater compound.
Fireday, Calistril 29: In the morning they receive an invitation to the Whitewater compound. They go there and meet several members of the Whitewater family. They critically injure Kardag Whitewater. They meet with Arakor Shonar, and Miri gives him a scroll of sending she’d been carrying around since Harrowstone. The group returns to Fabled & Forgotten to look for the secret entrance to the basement. They fight some undead and other creatures, then run away. When they return to the House of Nabulsi they learn that Folongko has been stricken with the Feast of Dust. .
Starday, Calistril 30: Arlyxannah, Baby Carrot Cake, Hunaydah, Ka’kutah, Karada, and Miri V all return to the basement of the Fabled & Forgotten, taking care to be extremely stealthy. As soon as they get to the big room where they were ambushed the day before Arlyxannah causes a colossal spider to appear. It fights whoever is in that room, and also tears apart Baby Carrot Cake. It doesn’t take long for a horrid wilting from an unknown source to cause it to curl up its legs and die. The ensuring combat is gruelling, and Arlyxannah nearly dies. One daemon flees and the others all die. The heroes discover that the ravenous blade has been replaced by a permanent image. They take all the other stuff hidden in the basement.

Sunday, Pharast 1: Hunaydah casts make whole on Baby Carrot Cake’s body, and they put her eyeball back in to reanimate her. After a big breakfast the heroes depart for Blood Rise Rock. They encounter several hostile creatures, but their magical fortress allows them to wait out any attackers.
Moonday, Pharast 2-Wealday, Pharast 4: They travel.
Oathday, Pharast 5: A human woman named Jahdrak passes the group, heading in the other direction. She and Akara almost start a conversation, but don’t. The group finds two feuding groups at the foot of Blood Rise Rock, and spends some time convincing them to allow them to pass. Up a narrow ramp they find a hidden door. They defeat the guards and enter, only to discover a clay golem masquerading as a god as well as his guards and handlers. They defeat them all. They stay overnight behind the secret door.
Fireday, Pharast 6: They fly out invisibly and begin the trip to Shadun.
Starday, Pharast 7: They travel.

Sunday, Pharast 8: While they travel Ka’kutah’s body becomes covered in fungus.
Moonday, Pharast 9-Fireday, Pharast 13: They travel
Starday, Pharast 14: They arrive at the ruins of Shadun. They meet Queen Julkar and her retainers. They kill Reched the meladaemon. They find a secure spot in the ruins and spend the night in their magical fortress.

Sunday, Pharast 15: They descend into the buried remains of the complex surrounding the Oblivion Vault. They kill some undead. Miri V makes a minor infernal pact in order to get into a vault. The group fights two devourers then acquires the Handflower of Genocide. That evening they put on a show for Queen Julkar.
Moonday, Pharast 16: They travel.
Toilday, Pharast 17: They travel. Late in the day they arrive at the Lethe hot springs. They fight fiendish humans, yrthak, and a goezspall. They retrieve the Calabash of Last Draughts.
Wealday, Pharast 18: They travel.
Oathday, Pharast 19: They arrive in Khoka.
Fireday, Pharast 20: They shop. Ka’kutah stables Donkey and parks the cart in Khoka.
Starday, Pharast 21: They leave Khoka and start into the Meraz desert.

Sunday, Pharast 22: Ka’kutah’s magical lamp transports them all directly to the top of the Sunbleached Tower. They fight three daemons and close a portal to Abaddon. They fly to the bottom of the tower, enter past some haunted teeth, and descend into a cold basement where they fight Shemkar Shellish, some other humans, and some hounds of some sort. They defeat them, then retreat into the desert to rest.
Moonday, Pharast 23: The group presses back into the Sunbleached Tower, taking advantage of the depowering of the haunts that resulted from the closure of the portal. They kill the daemons and guard between themselves and the Tree of Desolation, where they encounter the Jackal Prince of Famine. After they slay him, they determine that he was possessing the corpse of Dehlvat Aaban, which they retrieve in order to return to his father. The Feast of Dust ends, and Miri V goes on a date with a devil in Absalom.


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