Tamrivena is the capital of Canterwall.

The people of Tamrivena have long known fear. Short miles to the west, the barrier of the Tusk Mountains gives way and through the crags slip bands of bloody-minded Belkzen orcs. Tamrivena was constructed as a redoubt against the orc hordes, or barbarians should they ever rage from the north. In recent years, however, the town’s reassuring walls have turned cold and foreboding as paranoia creeps among the people.

Although none can say exactly when, at some point
within the past five years the Wallguard stopped being the
city’s well-trained constabulary and changed into an
occupying army of overzealously watchful counterspies
and enforcers of social standards. While they strictly
enforce the letter of the law, the quickness with which they drag suspects to the dungeons of Fort Vhiled causes most citizens to avert their eyes and hurry past their precisely organized patrols. Life and commerce continues in Tamrivena with the people relying on travel and shipping upon the Lamand as well as nearby farms for their livelihoods. However, increasingly strict laws on passage through the town, what goods are permitted for sale, and what constitutes morally appropriate services have stymied many entrepreneurs, with fines levied or shops shuttered as the town’s laws grow ever more restrictive and numerous. And all the while, from vague sources come word of growing criminal syndicates, mysterious saboteurs, and massing orcs in the east, leading the town’s residents to hurry home from their jobs and wonder which of their neighbours might be in league with the unseen but encroaching evils.

The largest section of Tamrivena is on the mainland, but a sizeable island holds residences, businesses, Soldier’s Rest (the cathedral of Pharasma), and Fort Palestone (the headquarters of the Foreguard).


LN large town
Corruption +0; Crime –4; Economy +1; Law +1; Lore –1; Society +6
Qualities racially intolerant (half-orcs, Kellids, orcs, Sczarni), strategic location, superstitious
Danger 5


Government council
Population 3 620 (3 558 humans, 42 halflings, 15 dwarfs, 5 other)

Notable NPCs

Councilor Taladda Jhovanki (male human)
Councilor Zoenessa Thell (female human)
Daladmin Quin, Captain of the Foreguard (male human)
Balton Rhasrakin, Captain of the Wallguard (male human)
Bishop Onmanun Brosheilov, high priest of Pharasma (male human)


Base Value 2 200 gp; Purchase Limit 10 000; Spellcasting level 3 spells

Armour +4 light steel shield (16 159 gp), +4 sonic resistance splint mail (34 350 gp)
Potions & Oils cure moderate wounds (300 gp), cure serious wounds (750 gp), light (25 gp), spider climb (300 gp)
Ring major sonic resistance (28 000 gp), protection +3 (18 000 gp)
Scrolls (Arcane) gust of wind and summon monster II (300 gp), sepia snake sigil (875 gp)
Scroll (Divine) spell resistance (1 125 gp)
Staff evocation (82 000 gp)
Wands protection from arrows (24 charges, 2 160 gp)
Weapon sword of subtlety (22 310 gp)
Wondrous Item candle of truth (2 500 gp)


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