Once a rather large farming community, Dimayen has fallen upon hard times. The collapse of its irrigation network, failing crops, unseasonable dust storms, and most recently a staggering increase in the local ankheg population has the town on its knees. Half of the buildings of Dimayen now lie abandoned, and all that keeps the remaining population on site is a stubborn refusal to allow what is still seen as “a spate of bad luck” run them out of town.


LN Large town


Government overlord
Population 4 890 (4 590 humans, 201 sulis, 47 halflings, 18 half-orcs, 34 other)

Notable NPCs

Arakor Shonar (male human cleric of Sarenrae)
Malzan Kitram (female human aristocrat)
Sayid Aaban (male human bookseller)
Tianka Whitewater (female old human aristocrat)
Vhal Shimam (male human sorcerer)


Base Value 2 200 gp; Purchase Limit 10 000 gp; Spellcasting level 5 spells


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