In 4670, the county of Lozeri shrugged off control of its regional count, embracing rule by a council of politically savvy citizens after a series of relatively bloodless coups. Quickly acknowledged by the disinterested Prince Valislav, Lozeri, Vieland, and the refounded county of Canterwall (formerly Tamrivena County) became known as the Palatinates.

The breadbasket of Ustalav, Canterwall grows nearly half of the crops that feed the country, a fact that figured strongly in its royal release from hereditary rule. Since the country’s founding, this land has defended the border with Belkzen and, more recently, the haunted mountains of Virlych. In past years, however, several hamlets in Canterwall have been deserted without explanation, the people seemingly swallowed up by the mists.

Notable Locations

Palatinate Council

From the county seat at Tamrivena, the nine members of Canterwall’s ruling council oversee their homeland’s administration. Well aware that several lands depend on their county’s fields for survival, and that the nation’s brusque prince might react forcefully to any suspicion of deceit or extortion, the council goes to great length to reinforce the region’s reputation as a realm of undemanding, hardworking, and essential labourers.

Of the council’s members, river captain Charidian Vanx, landowner Taladda Jhovanki, and reluctant representative Zoenessa Thell agitate most fiercely for their particular agendas—those being national influence, regional security, and simple fairness, respectively. Aside from administering county policies and arbitrating significant disputes, the relatively effectual Palatine Council of Canterwall hears reports from both wings of their county militia: the Foreguard, who stand guard over the county’s borders under the command of Captain Daladmin Quin; and the Wallguard, who protect Tamrivena as directed by Captain Balton Rhasrakin.

Noteworthy Personages


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