Queen Julkar


female gnoll

Hero Points 1 (for the write-up for July 16)


Queen Julkar is a massive and terrifyinggnoll, clothed in the poorly maintained regalia of human nobility. She once ruled the Sat’un by virtue of her physical and divine strength, but age has begun to weaken her body. She relies on her divine spellcasting, leaving physical confrontations to her daughters. Now with one daughter dead, the other a slave to the ghul interloper, and her people scraping like beaten dogs, she hungers to feel important again. Julkar is accompanied by one of Nul Kraz’s detestable “nannies,” a meladaemon named Reched assigned to ensure that the old Lamashtan remains cowed.

Queen Julkar confronts outsiders as she assumes any human queen would, commanding respect and informing the party that they have violated her sovereign borders. If the PCs show any amount of deference or respect, she eagerly bathes in the attention and parleys as long as they remain deferential. Savvy adventurers may easily learn about Nul Kraz and his excavations.

Queen Julkar was delighted to receive some visiting entertainers, who put on a splendid show for her royal court.

Queen Julkar

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