Dehlvat Aaban


male human


Dehlvat shared none of his father’s interest in what he called musty old scrolls and foolish superstitions. One evening, while more than a little inebriated and eager to impress his exciting new companion, Dehlvat bragged to Ibhris about his father’s desert artifacts. Ibhris saw pro t on the horizon and cultivated a close friendship with the young man. He eventually convinced the gullible youth that his father’s collection must be worth a king’s ransom. After a particularly bitter argument with Sayid, Dehlvat stole his father’s research and the Ravenous Blade and fled into the desert with the con artist.

Soon after, he was slain and his corpse was possessed by the Jackal Prince of Famine. After the Jackal Prince was defeated, Dehlvat’s corpse was returned to his father.

Dehlvat Aaban

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