The Beast of Lepidstadt


male creature


A terror stalks the mist-shrouded forests and fens of northwestern Ustalav, a monster held responsible for the deaths of several high-profile figures in the Palatinate of Vieland. First appearing twenty years ago in the city of Lepidstadt after a spate of grave robberies, the Beast of Lepidstadt (as it is called) is thought to be an unnatural creation made of the corpses of condemned criminals who died hanging from the city’s gallows. Although human in appearance, the Beast is said to have the strength of an ogre and be prone to murderous rages. Also known as the Dippelmere Horror, the creature hasn’t been seen in Lepidstadt since the Lampblack Murders five years ago, and is now believed to lurk among the strange stone monoliths of the Dippelmere swamp.

The Beast of Lepidstadt

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