Second of the great dwarfish Sky Citadels, Koldukar was an enormous feat of engineering, a massive fortress of stone spires and deep warrens. Then came the orc warlord Belkzen. Uniting the scattered tribes of the region, he laid siege to the city-mountain, finally overrunning it at the Battle of Nine Stones. He renamed it “Urgir,” meaning “First Home” in Orc, and populated it with his own brutish minions, making it the seat of his new empire. Even though Belkzen could not keep the savage orcs working in concert for long, Urgir remains the heart of the modern region, and is one of the few places non-orcs can walk in relative safety—provided they bear the appropriate passes from tribal leaders. Here, among the ruins of once-great vaults and wide plazas, humanoids come to trade, hire orc mercenaries, or acquire slaves and massive beasts of war. Pathfinders and adventurers, too, are relatively common sights, as it remains common knowledge that the lazy orcs have yet to uncover all of Koldukar’s lost passages and ancient relics.


CE metropolis
Corruption +8; Crime +5; Economy +5; Law +5; Lore +4; Society +2
Qualities notorious, racially intolerant (all except orcs and half-orcs), tourist attraction
Danger +20; Disadvantages impoverished


Government overlord
Population 28 700 (24 100 orcs, 1 430 half-orcs, 1 150 humans, 574 giants, 290 elves, 275 half-elves, 881 others)

Notable NPCs

Ardax the White-Hair (male orc)
Chief Grask Uldeth (male orc)
High Priest Nogalt the Unpure (male orc cleric of Rovagug)


Base Value 16 000 gp; Purchase Limit 100 000 gp; Spellcasting level 8 spells


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