The settlement of Sedeq, south of the Zho Mountains, is a place of warm breezes, lush gardens, and frequent desperate pleas and screams, for it the heart of the Qadiran slave trade. There, captured slaves are broken, shorn, and made ready for sale. What makes Sedeq all the more unusual is that this city specializes in the enslavement of genies and their kin. Jann and elemental races like ifrits and oreads are often put up for sale, and those buyers with enough coin can even purchase bottled djinn or shaitans encased in amber. The genie binders of Sedeq are masters of their craft, yet periodically one of their projects escapes—it is at these times that life on the streets of Sedeq is at its most perilous, for little can compare to an enraged genie unleashed in the heart of a city.

It is said that every spice ever dreamed of on Golarion is available in the city-sized Qalli Spice Market of Sedeq, and this reputation has made Sedeq a top destination for royal chefs the world over.


Danger +10


Population 89 760


Base Value 16 000; Purchase Limit 100 000 gp; Spellcasting level 8 spells


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