Optional Resources

These are resources that are free online that may be useful for record-keeping, character portraits and other things as they come up. If you find something cool, feel free to add it!

Character Portrait generator: Hero Machine For a quick easy portrait, use HM2. For more detailed control, use HM3.

Official Pathfinder Character Sheet: Click Character Sheet (the Basic Rules Cheat Sheet is also a good resource for new players.)

Alternative Character Sheets (Class Specific): Click on Happy Camper’s Pathfinder Character Sheets These are the ones Jess uses and loves. They are well laid out and designed for each individual class. Not necessary but if you geek out about record keeping, these are for you, especially the Page 4 sheets.

Blank Certs: Simple but effective

Character Backstory/Personality Questionnaire: 100 Things to Know Very helpful for figuring out the little details of history and reaction for a character you don’t know well yet.

Experience Point Tracker Spreadsheet

Some basic gear certs and a method for creating origami cert containers out of a regular sheet of paper. Found here

Optional Resources

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