The cork-like towers of Lozeri’s former noble
families sporadically break the hilly tree lines surrounding
the dairies and pastures of Courtaud. While rural farms
checker the rocky country, the township proper slumbers within a winding river valley, with the grey Pharasmin cathedral, Velonstair, presiding over all. Here the common folks’ simple homes rise upon the nearby slopes, while lavish establishments catering to the local elite vie for space along the river. At the eastern edge of town stand two ancient wells separated by less than an arm’s reach, the Living Water and the Darkling Draught. While the former sees frequent use even to date, the latter bears a corroded iron seal over wooden planks and a web of heavy, rusted chains. Only a single thumb-sized hole punctures the fastenings over the Darkling Draught, looking into the absolute darkness where one legend says a piece of the night sky fell and was contained in ages past.

Recently, a militia has taken over the local government and has sealed itself into the town hall, boarding it up from the inside.

The bridge south of Courtaud is out, and no one is sure when funds and equipment will be available to repair it.


small town


Population 962


Base Value 1 000 gp; Purchase Limit 5 000 gp; Spellcasting level 4 spells

Available Items

Armour +1 heavy steel shield (1 170 gp)
Potion sanctuary (50 gp)
Ring protection +3 (18 000 gp)
Scrolls (Arcane) detect secret doors (25 gp), disguise self (25 gp), locate object (150 gp)
Scroll (Divine) charm animal (25 gp)
Wands align weapon (19 charges, 1 710 gp), gaseous form (21 charges, 4 725 gp)


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