Prominently positioned at the crossroads of
the Vistear and Vhatsuntide rivers, Chastel exaggerates
by calling itself Lozeri’s largest city. While undoubtedly the county’s most populous community, the aggrandized township lacks the size or stature of a true city, being more akin to an overgrown farming hamlet with a market that fills its central plaza, spreads down the main avenue, and spills forth to partially encircle the town. No walls guard Chastel, and the lumber yards and livestock markets appeal to desperate predators, the most historically notoriously being the Rats of Karneik—a swarm of dire rats and their grotesque rat king—and, more recently, the Devil in Grey.


Large Town


Population 2 385


Base Value 2 800 gp; Purchase Limit 15 000 gp; Spellcasting Level 3 spells

Armour adamantine breastplate (10 200 gp)
Potions cure moderate wounds (300 gp), owl’s wisdom (300 gp), stabilize (25 gp), tongues (750 gp)
Rings force shield (8 500 gp), minor spell storing (18 000 gp)
Scroll (Arcane) invisibility (150 gp)
Staff fire (18 950 gp)
Weapons +1 quarterstaff (4 600 gp), +4 punching dagger (32 302 gp)


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