Character Creation Guidelines

Please read the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide (free download).

The Professor knew more humans from Ustalav than members of other races. These guidelines assume that the player characters will also be humans from Ustalav, but options are present for those players who wish to play something else. Please be advised that a large portion of the local population possesses xenophobic tendencies, and the further the party varies from an all-human group the more negative effects will result.

Each character is built on 20 points for ability scores. All Varisian human PCs gain the Varisian language as a free bonus language. (Varisian is the dominant human ethnicity in Ustalav.) Players should be aware that, because rural and suburban Ustalav can be very xenophobic, non-human characters will face a variety of additional challenges. Dwarf, gnome, half-elf, or halfling will sometimes be considered for a kind of second-class citizenship, where they receive grudging acceptance if they behave appropriately. Those races are all permitted. Aasimar, elf, fetchling, half-orc, orc, ratfolk, or tiefling characters are likely to have fairly constant problems outside of urban areas, and are only available via the Stranger to Ustalav drawback.

PCs may be built on any base class or archetype from the core rules, the Advanced Player’s Guide, or Ultimate Magic. Other classes will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There are three types of class abilities that can give a person problems with the people of Ustalav:

  1. Many local people fear (and sometimes hate) those who summon beings from the nether realms, and they rarely have the ability to distinguish one kind of summoner from another. Anyone seen summoning creatures will quickly gain a bad reputation.
  2. There is great distrust in Ustalav of anyone who can change their shape. Very few people have the means to determine what someone’s true shape might be, and tend to assume the worst.
  3. Ustalav has seen squads from nearby Numeria scouring the land for stolen technology. Any weapon more advanced than a crossbow (such as a flintlock pistol) will send people fleeing, but more out of fear of the wrath of the Technic League than of the weapon itself. Furthermore, any representatives of the Technic League might well assume that the technology was stolen from them (regardless of its actual origin).

PCs typically begin with average starting wealth for their class. Characters who are not native to Ustalav begin with 20 gp less to account for travel expenses. Non-human characters native to Ustalav must submit a backstory to the GM that includes place of birth and immediate family. (Human characters are welcome to do so as well, but for them it is optional.)

Each player character begins play with one campaign trait from the player’s guide and one trait from another source (such as the free Character Traits Web Enhancement). Player characters may also take one campaign drawback in order to receive a third trait.

Characters with the ability to cast spells may only select spells from the core rulebook.

All items in this campaign will be tracked with a card or paper certificate. At minimum, this certificate must contain the name of the item, its source, and its weight.

Character Creation Guidelines

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