Castle Urion

Ostensibly a gift to the reigning Black Sovereign in 4629 AR, this relatively new castle was one of the first major architectural endeavours undertaken by the Church of Iomedae during the First Crusade. It remains occupied by the Knights of Urion and their platoon of griffon riders, who provide protection for crusaders following the River Road north to the Worldwound.

The paladins’ leader swore several oaths that the proposed structure would never be used as a means to invade or otherwise encroach upon the ancestral Kellid lands. The intent was strictly to guard the northerly portion of the River Road, which begins far to the south in Taldor. The knights’ standing mission is to protect crusaders and missionaries traveling north to fight in the Worldwound and provide support to travellers before they cross the border into the war zone. The Black Sovereign was initially reluctant to permit a foreign army on Numerian soil, but the holy order improved the offer by stipulating Castle Urion was a gift, to him and his future successors. This gesture, combined with the knights’ oath-sworn promises, persuaded the Black Sovereign to relent. Construction on the castle started immediately. Traskind’s willingness to trust the knights paid off in the short term when the war in Sarkoris dragged on and the traveling crusaders kept the demonic hordes at bay.


Population 1 240

Notable NPCs

Commander Caroliss Minerran, master of the castle (female half-elf paladin of Iomedae)

Castle Urion

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