Native Ardealians refer to Ardis as the True Capital of
Ustalav, regardless of whether they remember the city’s
slow desertion with the court’s relocation south. With the
stubborn arrogance of those still bristling from the sting of decades-old defeat, the people of Ardis cling to their pride, their traditions, and their vaunted past, as nearly all else has passed them by.

For centuries, Ardis was the home of authors, poets, craftsmen, princes, and the Ustalavic elite. Now, however, the county is a place of baseless arrogance and fading memories, its splendors living only in memories and the grim half-fictions of aging authors like Ailson Kindler, whose gothic romances are among the most widely read and best-loved tales throughout the Inner Sea region.

Large City


Population 12 080


Base Value 5 600 gp; Purchase Limit 37 500 gp; Spellcasting level 6 spells

Potions jump (50 gp), magic fang (50 gp), protection from arrows (300 gp), reduce person (50 gp), stabilize (25 gp)
Ring animal friendship (10 800 gp)
Rod absorption (50 000 gp), greater metamagic extend spell (24 500 gp)
Scrolls (Arcane) cat’s grace, ghoul touch, and shatter (450 gp), disguise self (25 gp), detect poison (12 gp, 5 sp)
Scroll (Divine) magic fang, greater and meld into stone (1 075 gp)
Staff healing (29,600 gp)
Weapon +4 composite longbow (+7 Str) (33 100 gp)
Wondrous Items boots of elvenkind (2 500 gp), boots of levitation (7 500 gp), robe of bones (2 400 gp)


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