Tag: undead


  • Whispering Tyrant

    The Whispering Tyrant ruled Ustalav for centuries as a lich. He was overthrown and is now trapped within his former stronghold.

  • Lady Evgenya Zunaida

    Lady Evgenya lives in [[Caliphas|Caliphas City]], and is part of a once-proud family that has fallen on hard times. She is second in line to inheriting [[:violeta-zunaida|her grandmother]]'s title, after her cousin [[:arlyxannah-thanh|Arlyxannah]]. …

  • Grey Friar

    According to legend, the Grey Friar was a pious monk of Pharasma at the time of [[:tar-baphon|the lich-king]]'s conquest of [[Ustalav]]. The friar was captured and tortured beyond endurance until he finally renounced the Lady of Graves. The legend goes …

  • Marrowgarth

    When he didn't teleport where he was going [[:tar-baphon|the Whispering Tyrant]] sometimes rode an undead red dragon named Marrowgarth.

  • Socorro

    In the years leading up to [[:tar-baphon|Tar-Baphon]]'s return as a lich, Socorro was a powerful wizard in the [[Ustalav|Ustalavic]] city of [[Carrion Hill]]. Though the city was half the size it is today and had a reputation for harbouring bandits and …

  • Talvien Graymard

    The undead corpse of an elvish ranger, Talvein endlessly seeks justice against Gildais, [[:tar-baphon|Tar-Baphon]]'s seneschal, for murdering his family. Before the crusading corpse could reach [[Gallowspire]], however, the tower was sealed and its armies …

  • Viscount Oilic Galdyce

    The aged viscount of the [[Ustalav|Ustalavic]] county of [[Amaans]] long sated his lusts among the peasantry of that mountainous region, claiming bride after ill-fated bride in a supposed attempt to father a male heir. Revealed as a nosferatu, Galdyce …

  • Alci

    Alci hired four gnome mercenaries in [[Caliphas|Caliphas City]] and had them all teleported to [[Courtaud]]. From there, they set out looking for the party. Alci was destroyed in his coffin while he was recovering from combat.