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  • Tamrivena

    Tamrivena is the capital of Canterwall. The people of Tamrivena have long known fear. Short miles to the west, the barrier of the Tusk Mountains gives way and through the crags slip bands of bloody-minded [[Belkzen]] orcs. Tamrivena was constructed as …

  • Balton Rhasrakin

    Captain Rhasrakin is known to be passionate about protecting [[Canterwall]] in general and [[Tamrivena]] specifically from the threats of [[Belkzen]].

  • Mug Schostrovor

    Mug is 18. He is planning on becoming mayor of Ravengro, a position that has never existed but one he is confident he can create. The first step of his plan is marrying [[:annalieza]], but so far she has refrained from committing. Mug and Annalieza …

  • Daladmin Quin

    Captain Quin leads the Foreguard, who are based in [[Tamrivena]] but responsible for keeping the orcs of [[Belkzen]] on the far side of the [[Bleakwall]].

  • Onmanun Brosheilov

    Father Onmanun Brosheilov served in the Wallguard decades ago before answering Pharasma’s call, and though it is his goddess’s will to stoically endure hardship, he has little patience for the overzealousness of the modern militia and his former …

  • Opor Mirgravos

    Opor is well acquainted with [[:miri-magravi|Miri Magravi]]. He lives in Nathrus Village just outside the walls of [[Tamrivena]], and seems to know about a lot of illicit activity.