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  • Vauran Grimburrow

    Vauran Grimburrow is officially in charge of Ravengro's temple to Pharasma, but the day-to-day tending of the flock and maintenance of the temple and the Restlands are largely seen to by a dozen acolytes. The sale of minor magic items is also the acolytes …

  • Vashian Hearthmount

    Vashian Hearthmount is a member of the Ravengro city council, and attended Professor Lorrimor's funeral. Councilman Hearthmount is the closest thing Ravengro has to a solicitor.

  • Gharen Muricar

    Gharen Muricar is an old friend of Professor Lorrimor, and attended his funeral. Councilman Muricar writes the "Wealday Parchment", a weekly posting that summarizes Ravengro’s current politics. Occasionally, it even carries news of events beyond …

  • Zokar Elkarid

    Zokar Elkarid holds the philosophy that the best way to meet the horrors of the world is with a jest, for if one can laugh at the worst life has to offer, there remains little to fear. His warm and friendly tavern does its best to live up to this …

  • Antrellus Varagus

    Crazy Antrellus was once a successful merchant, but in recent years he has become a street person prone to ravings. He is known to be afraid of ravens.

  • Pevrin Elkarid

    Pevrin Elkarid, the oldest son of [[:zokar-elkarid | the owner of the Laughing Demon]], has taken the role of Post Boy for the last three years, charging 1 cp to transcribe five copies of a post and then ensuring that the copies are posted for at least a …

  • Benjan Caeller

    Despite [[Ravengro|the town]]'s dearth of criminal activity, the sheriff likes to keep a tight lid on things by employing four part-time deputies: [[:leromar]], [[:riff]], [[:trestleblade]], and [[:vrodish]]. Each of these deputies spends a few days per …

  • Lireia Bedrak

    Lireia lives near [[Ravengro]] with her family. Her parents ([[:merko-bedrak|Merko]] and [[:vensela-bedrak|Vensela]]) have a small farm very close to town. Lireia presented Snow Blossom, one of the ponies that she had trained, to [[:ka-kutah-manneh|Ka' …

  • Jorfa

    Jorfa is a very skilled blacksmith, and maintains a tidy little shop on the [[Ravengro]] town square. She has a couple of magical items for sale: a _+1 light steel shield_ and a _+1 rapier_.

  • Shanda Faravan

    Councilwoman Shanda Faravan is a native-born local who served elsewhere but now dedicated herself to her hometown. [[:miri-vishki]] bought her a drink in the Laughing Demon while [[:arlyxannah-thanh]] tried for permission to visit [[Harrowstone]].

  • Rufio

    Rufio is one of the acolytes working for [[:vauran-grimburrow |Father Grimburrow]]. He is third-senior, after [[:crummox]] and [[:zantierra]].

  • Mirta Straelock

    Councilwoman Mirta Straelock was born and raised in [[Ravengro]]. She was the original owner of the town’s tavern, but sold it many years ago just before she took up public office. Popular and earthy, she is the most public face on the council.

  • Alendru Ghoroven

    When their parents can afford to spare them from the farms, a few “lucky” children are sent to study under Alendru Ghoroven at the Unfurling Scroll. Alendru teaches reading, history, and math, as well as beginning magical theory. He seeks to elevate “the …

  • Zantierra

    Zantierra is a Varisian woman who serves in the Pharasmin shrine in [[Ravengro]]. She is the acolyte in charge of magical objects. In addition to holy water and a few locally-made potions, the temple currently has four magic items they would be willing …

  • Morguvic Denostri

    Morguvic Denostri is the third son of some local prosperous farmers. He serves the church of Pharasma, and firmly believes that she has concluded her time as the goddess of knowledge and prophecy and is beginning her time as goddess of ineffable chaos. …

  • Dorin

    Dorin is an acolyte of Pharasma at her church in [[Ravengro]]. He was able to help [[:annalieza]] and [[:mug-schostrovor|Mug]] after they'd been attacked by ravens and brought to the temple by the PCs. Dorin has a reputation for being reluctant to …

  • Imdlara

    Imdlara is one of the few elves living in Ravengro. She smiles at all the abuse hurled her way, and hangs out with [[:kendra-lorrimor|Kendra]] and [[:morguvic-denostri|Morguvic]].

  • Karum Frunze

    Karum Frunze told [[:ka-kutah-manneh|Ka'kutah]] about visiting [[Harrowstone]], and taunted him to do it himself. After promising to meet him there one midnight, Karum stood him up.

  • Merko Bedrak

    The Bedrak family has a small farm very close to [[Ravengro]], where they have some agriculture and raise ponies. Merko lives and works there, along with his [[:vensela-bedrak|wife]] and [[:lireia|daughter]].

  • Vensela Bedrak

    The Bedrak family has a small farm very close to [[Ravengro]], where they have some agriculture and raise ponies. Vensela lives and works there, along with her [[:merko-bedrak|husband]] and [[:lireia|daughter]].

  • Effie Smoda

    Crazy Effie lives by herself in a cottage on the outskirts of [[Ravengro]]. There are many cats who also live in that cottage. Effie was the one who reported Professor Lorrimor's death, claiming that he was already dead when she found him.

  • Quess Yearburn

    Farming is a tough business. Drought, pests, and floods can make a year’s hard work vanish in an instant. To keep one’s farm afloat, those lucky enough to own land will often pledge it to a moneylender for credit. Others must pledge a percentage of …

  • Vrodish

    Vrodish is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. She works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Grufoli

    Grufoli is the town carpenter for [[Ravengro]], and is known for liking his alcohol. He is assisted by the much-despised [[:splinters]].

  • Crazy Bogden

    Crazy Bogden squats in an abandoned house in the outskirts of [[Ravengro]], closer to [[Harrowstone]] than most people are comfortable living. He is currently being held in jail in Ravengro on charges of assaulting the PCs. [[:schtruz]] is with him. …

  • Leromar

    Leromar is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. He works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Riff

    Riff is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. He works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Trestleblade

    Trestleblade is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. She works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Crummox

    Crummox has seniority among the acolytes of Pharasma, most of the rest of whom feel protective toward him. Crummox isn't very bright, but he's enthusiastic and an extremely hard worker.

  • Miruna

    Miruna is a cleric of Pharasma, and one of the acolytes working for [[:vauran-grimburrow|Father Grimburrow]] in [[Ravengro]].

  • Liniara

    Liniara _really_ hates the undead, and has been agitating for [[:vauran-grimburrow|Father Grimburrow]] to lead an expedition to [[Harrowstone]] to look for undead and destroy them.

  • Hedgehog

    Hedgehog was much travelled in her youth, but has settled down for a quiet life of contemplation. Hedgehog presented [[:arlyxannah-thanh|Arlyxannah]] with some sweet cakes on her birthday. They were baked according to [[:rebekah-thanh|her mother]]'s …