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  • Castle Urion

    Ostensibly a gift to the reigning Black Sovereign in 4629 AR, this relatively new castle was one of the first major architectural endeavours undertaken by the Church of Iomedae during the First Crusade. It remains occupied by the Knights of Urion and …

  • Scar of the Spider

    Though shunned by man and beast alike, something lurks amid the grey stone spears and thick fungi of this scarlike vale. The strangest tales describe a cavernous maze, wherein an enigma dances and whistles within a coffin of glass, yet the most heeded …

  • Sidrah Imeruss

    Sidrah Imeruss founded the [[Technic League]] in 4501. In 4509 she took a team into the Silver Mount, where she was muredered by her second-in-command, Mulrach-Zeer. [[Project MIRI]] created five clones of her.