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  • Grine

    Besides his position as a priest of Norgorber (god of poison and murder), he is also an alchemist, body snatcher, poisoner, and amateur vivisectionist. Many of his experiments and samples lie about his room, some preserved in jars of chemicals, some …

  • Embreth Daramid

    Judge Daramid lives in a fine townhouse surrounded by art in the centre of [[Lepidstadt]]. She is one of the justices of [[Vieland]] and a magistrate of Lepidstadt.

  • Gustav Kaple

    Barrister Gustav Kaple has had several recent failures in the justice system and seen his last six clients hanged. In truth, the down-at-the-heels barrister was chosen to represent the Beast precisely because of his inability to defend anyone and for his …

  • Vorkstag

    A sinister fey creature capable of stealing a victim’s skin and wearing it as his own, Vorkstag is an accomplished alchemist as well as a student of anatomy and chirurgery. At night, Vorkstag is usually out on inscrutable errands in Lepidstadt wearing one …

  • The Beast of Lepidstadt

    A terror stalks the mist-shrouded forests and fens of northwestern [[Ustalav]], a monster held responsible for the deaths of several high-profile figures in the Palatinate of [[Vieland]]. First appearing twenty years ago in the city of [[Lepidstadt]] …

  • Seekreek

    Seekreek was hired by [[:vorkstag]] & [[:grine]] as added security. She was slain by the PCs on the university campus after she and some hirelings ambushed them.

  • Montagnie Crowl

    Dr Crowl is a professor of Antiquities at the [[University of Lepidstadt]]. He received Professor Lorrimor's books from the PCs with sadness, since they had been good friends. He was somewhat distracted at the time because of a recent break-in.

  • Zia

    Zia has purple hair, and is known as a bit of a party girl. She is a TA for ancient religion. She dated [[:ka-kutah-manneh|Ka'kutah]] for about a week, but has ignored his messages ever since.

  • Ajax

    [[:zia]]'s brother, really good dominos player, hustles people at the bar; doesn't attend classes but hangs out at the bar to rook the students

  • Milosh

    Milosh lives in [[Lepidstadt]] but acts as a permanent contact for the Vishki family caravan. Though not personally a member of the family (and not working exclusively for them) he is well-trusted.

  • Lyuba Zirnova

    Lyuba Zirnova has long red hair. She is well-loved by the people of [[Lepidstadt]] for her role in the trial of [[:beast]].

  • Ambrose Khard

    A dour man in his eighties, Chief Justice Khard speaks with a deep, commanding voice and suffers no nonsense in his court. The Chief Justice carries the court gavel—a mallet of black ebony the Justice uses to keep order—and wears a huge cartwheel ruff …

  • Karl

    Karl worked as assistant to Doctor Brada in the Karb Isle Sanctuary. He was blinded when it burned down, but had his vision restored by the temple of Pharasma after [[:miri-vishki|Miri V]] paid for the procedure. h4. Play History h6. 2015 *April …