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  • Kendra Lorrimor

    [[:petros-lorrimor]]'s daughter is a 25- year-old woman who lived in [[Ravengro]] for nearly fifteen years (having moved here with her family as a child from [[Lepidstadt]] after her father retired from teaching). She left Ravengro with the PCs, after …

  • Vauran Grimburrow

    Vauran Grimburrow is officially in charge of Ravengro's temple to Pharasma, but the day-to-day tending of the flock and maintenance of the temple and the Restlands are largely seen to by a dozen acolytes. The sale of minor magic items is also the acolytes …

  • Jiri Thanh

    Jiri Thanh was (according to [[:effie-smoda|Crazy Effie]], at least) the leader of the three students who were studying [[Harrowstone]] before Professor Lorrimor's death. She thinks that they killed him to prevent him from telling everyone that they had …

  • The Piper of Illmarsh

    The Piper of Illmarsh was brought to [[Harrowstone]] in 4661, shortly before it was destroyed by fire. Before he snatched his victims, the Piper taunted his targets with a mournful dirge on his flute. He preferred to paralyze lone victims by dosing …

  • Vance Saetressle

    When the Lopper stalked prey, he would hide in the most unlikely of places, sometimes for days upon end with only a few supplies to keep him going while he waited for the exact right moment to strike. Once his target was alone, the Lopper would emerge to …

  • Sefick Corvin

    Father Charlatan was imprisoned in [[Harrowstone]] at the time of its destruction in 4661. Of the five notorious prisoners, only Father Charlatan was not technically a murderer, yet his crimes were so blasphemous that several churches demanded he be …

  • Professor Hean Feramin

    Professor Feramin was a celebrated scholar of Anthroponomastics (the study of personal names and their origins) at the [[Quarterfaux Archives]] in [[Caliphas|Caliphas City]]. Yet an accidental association with a succubus twisted and warped his study, …

  • Adivion Adrissant

    Adivion Adrissant, or "Uncle Adivion" to [[:kendra-lorrimor]] and [[:miri-vishki|Miri Vishki]], paid to have _resurrection_ cast on [[:petros-lorrimor]], who refused it. Adivion Adrissant was surprised not to be named in Professor Lorrimor's will, and …

  • Vashian Hearthmount

    Vashian Hearthmount is a member of the Ravengro city council, and attended Professor Lorrimor's funeral. Councilman Hearthmount is the closest thing Ravengro has to a solicitor.

  • Gharen Muricar

    Gharen Muricar is an old friend of Professor Lorrimor, and attended his funeral. Councilman Muricar writes the "Wealday Parchment", a weekly posting that summarizes Ravengro’s current politics. Occasionally, it even carries news of events beyond …

  • Zokar Elkarid

    Zokar Elkarid holds the philosophy that the best way to meet the horrors of the world is with a jest, for if one can laugh at the worst life has to offer, there remains little to fear. His warm and friendly tavern does its best to live up to this …

  • Estovion Lozarov

    Lodge Warden Estovion Lozarov is [[Ascanor Lodge|Ascanor]]’s custodian and overseer. The only son of Ascanor’s previous caretakers, Estovion grew up in the lodge and it is the only home he has ever known. Although a former retainer of Count Beauturne, …

  • Antrellus Varagus

    Crazy Antrellus was once a successful merchant, but in recent years he has become a street person prone to ravings. He is known to be afraid of ravens.

  • Pevrin Elkarid

    Pevrin Elkarid, the oldest son of [[:zokar-elkarid | the owner of the Laughing Demon]], has taken the role of Post Boy for the last three years, charging 1 cp to transcribe five copies of a post and then ensuring that the copies are posted for at least a …

  • Benjan Caeller

    Despite [[Ravengro|the town]]'s dearth of criminal activity, the sheriff likes to keep a tight lid on things by employing four part-time deputies: [[:leromar]], [[:riff]], [[:trestleblade]], and [[:vrodish]]. Each of these deputies spends a few days per …

  • Embreth Daramid

    Judge Daramid lives in a fine townhouse surrounded by art in the centre of [[Lepidstadt]]. She is one of the justices of [[Vieland]] and a magistrate of Lepidstadt.

  • Delgros Kroitzcer

    Delgros Kroitzcer serves as [[Ascanor Lodge|Ascanor]]'s huntsmaster and leads (or at least accompanies) the majority of hunts for the lodge’s guests. Delgros is in his early thirties, and he possesses a fine physique.

  • Gustav Kaple

    Barrister Gustav Kaple has had several recent failures in the justice system and seen his last six clients hanged. In truth, the down-at-the-heels barrister was chosen to represent the Beast precisely because of his inability to defend anyone and for his …

  • Lireia Bedrak

    Lireia lives near [[Ravengro]] with her family. Her parents ([[:merko-bedrak|Merko]] and [[:vensela-bedrak|Vensela]]) have a small farm very close to town. Lireia presented Snow Blossom, one of the ponies that she had trained, to [[:ka-kutah-manneh|Ka' …

  • Corvin Tergsvor

    The second son of Cervaus Tergsvor, one of [[Courtaud]]'s most influential nobles, Corvin Tergsvor is enjoying an extended stay at Ascanor. A dissolute young poet and something of a black sheep, Corvin was involved in a minor scandal when he engaged the …

  • Shanda Faravan

    Councilwoman Shanda Faravan is a native-born local who served elsewhere but now dedicated herself to her hometown. [[:miri-vishki]] bought her a drink in the Laughing Demon while [[:arlyxannah-thanh]] tried for permission to visit [[Harrowstone]].

  • Rufio

    Rufio is one of the acolytes working for [[:vauran-grimburrow |Father Grimburrow]]. He is third-senior, after [[:crummox]] and [[:zantierra]].

  • Mirta Straelock

    Councilwoman Mirta Straelock was born and raised in [[Ravengro]]. She was the original owner of the town’s tavern, but sold it many years ago just before she took up public office. Popular and earthy, she is the most public face on the council.

  • Dergan Whitefeather

    -[[:isinwen | Isinwen's]] human father. -Lives in the woods outside Anactoria. -Master Fletcher. -Widower of [[:idalia-keirasti | Idalia Keirasti]]

  • Alendru Ghoroven

    When their parents can afford to spare them from the farms, a few “lucky” children are sent to study under Alendru Ghoroven at the Unfurling Scroll. Alendru teaches reading, history, and math, as well as beginning magical theory. He seeks to elevate “the …

  • Miri Magravi

    Miri is a human fighter, born and raised in Ustalav. Her parents were merchants near [[Tamrivena]], and she met people from many different races and cultures. She was sent to fighting school at a young age, where she trained hard. A few years after …

  • Balton Rhasrakin

    Captain Rhasrakin is known to be passionate about protecting [[Canterwall]] in general and [[Tamrivena]] specifically from the threats of [[Belkzen]].

  • Lucinean Galdana

    A rugged gentleman with sun-baked features, a mane of dark hair, and a physique better suited to a soldier than a ruler, Count Galdana often appears uncomfortable amid the trappings of his station and quickly shrugs off the bonds of tradition or rank. …

  • Cilas Graydon

    Nearing fifty years old, Cilas Graydon, the Margrave of [[Sturnidae]], is a retired military commander who served under [[:aericnein-neska|Count Neska]] of [[Barstoi]]. Graydon stands nearly 6 feet tall, with a slender build, long features, and a …

  • Zantierra

    Zantierra is a Varisian woman who serves in the Pharasmin shrine in [[Ravengro]]. She is the acolyte in charge of magical objects. In addition to holy water and a few locally-made potions, the temple currently has four magic items they would be willing …

  • Sidrah Imeruss

    Sidrah Imeruss founded the [[Technic League]] in 4501. In 4509 she took a team into the Silver Mount, where she was muredered by her second-in-command, Mulrach-Zeer. [[Project MIRI]] created five clones of her.

  • Morguvic Denostri

    Morguvic Denostri is the third son of some local prosperous farmers. He serves the church of Pharasma, and firmly believes that she has concluded her time as the goddess of knowledge and prophecy and is beginning her time as goddess of ineffable chaos. …

  • Mug Schostrovor

    Mug is 18. He is planning on becoming mayor of Ravengro, a position that has never existed but one he is confident he can create. The first step of his plan is marrying [[:annalieza]], but so far she has refrained from committing. Mug and Annalieza …

  • Annalieza

    Annalieza is seventeen years old, and is considering moving to [[Tamrivena]] to join the city guard. The only thing stopping her is her affection for [[:mug-schostrovor]]. Mug and Annalieza were attacked by unusually big ravens at the Harrowstone …

  • Dorin

    Dorin is an acolyte of Pharasma at her church in [[Ravengro]]. He was able to help [[:annalieza]] and [[:mug-schostrovor|Mug]] after they'd been attacked by ravens and brought to the temple by the PCs. Dorin has a reputation for being reluctant to …

  • Madame Ivanja

    An influential courtesan with ties to the Violet Widow, an infamous [[Courtaud]] brothel themed as a Pharasmin chapel, Madame Ivanja imports the most exquisite and luxurious companions for guests who request such services. The lodge itself has no formal …

  • Emrer Evets

    Doctor Evets is well-known among the clergy of Pharasma as a former cleric who, after losing Pharasma's favour, become a con artist. He wanders [[Canterwall]], professing to still be a healing cleric.

  • Rebekah Thanh

    Rebekah Thanh raised [[:arlyxannah-thanh|Arlyxannah]] as her own daughter, but confessed on her deathbed that she had stolen her as a baby. She died of a suspicious disease that left her delirious, and in her last days she confided several secrets to …

  • Merko Bedrak

    The Bedrak family has a small farm very close to [[Ravengro]], where they have some agriculture and raise ponies. Merko lives and works there, along with his [[:vensela-bedrak|wife]] and [[:lireia|daughter]].

  • Vensela Bedrak

    The Bedrak family has a small farm very close to [[Ravengro]], where they have some agriculture and raise ponies. Vensela lives and works there, along with her [[:merko-bedrak|husband]] and [[:lireia|daughter]].

  • Effie Smoda

    Crazy Effie lives by herself in a cottage on the outskirts of [[Ravengro]]. There are many cats who also live in that cottage. Effie was the one who reported Professor Lorrimor's death, claiming that he was already dead when she found him.

  • Quess Yearburn

    Farming is a tough business. Drought, pests, and floods can make a year’s hard work vanish in an instant. To keep one’s farm afloat, those lucky enough to own land will often pledge it to a moneylender for credit. Others must pledge a percentage of …

  • Lady Evgenya Zunaida

    Lady Evgenya lives in [[Caliphas|Caliphas City]], and is part of a once-proud family that has fallen on hard times. She is second in line to inheriting [[:violeta-zunaida|her grandmother]]'s title, after her cousin [[:arlyxannah-thanh|Arlyxannah]]. …

  • Vrodish

    Vrodish is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. She works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Charidian Vanx

    River Captain Charidian Vanx is a member of [[Canterwall]]'s ruling council, and is known for agitating for increasing the national influence of the county.

  • Grufoli

    Grufoli is the town carpenter for [[Ravengro]], and is known for liking his alcohol. He is assisted by the much-despised [[:splinters]].

  • Crazy Bogden

    Crazy Bogden squats in an abandoned house in the outskirts of [[Ravengro]], closer to [[Harrowstone]] than most people are comfortable living. He is currently being held in jail in Ravengro on charges of assaulting the PCs. [[:schtruz]] is with him. …

  • Leromar

    Leromar is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. He works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Riff

    Riff is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. He works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Trestleblade

    Trestleblade is one of [[Ravengro]]'s four deputies. She works directly for [[:benjan-caeller|Sheriff Caeller]].

  • Crummox

    Crummox has seniority among the acolytes of Pharasma, most of the rest of whom feel protective toward him. Crummox isn't very bright, but he's enthusiastic and an extremely hard worker.

  • Zara

    Zara is a fairly militant acolyte of Pharasma, and is considered a bit of a hot-head by the other acolytes.

  • Miruna

    Miruna is a cleric of Pharasma, and one of the acolytes working for [[:vauran-grimburrow|Father Grimburrow]] in [[Ravengro]].

  • Grey Friar

    According to legend, the Grey Friar was a pious monk of Pharasma at the time of [[:tar-baphon|the lich-king]]'s conquest of [[Ustalav]]. The friar was captured and tortured beyond endurance until he finally renounced the Lady of Graves. The legend goes …

  • Berek the Smooth

    Berek the Smooth, so called because of his inability to grow respectable facial hair, was the head of the MIRI project. He adopted [[:semiya]]. He is apparently off somewhere with [[:jirithan]], another man, and a weird flying monkey thing.

  • Liniara

    Liniara _really_ hates the undead, and has been agitating for [[:vauran-grimburrow|Father Grimburrow]] to lead an expedition to [[Harrowstone]] to look for undead and destroy them.

  • Arig

    Arig's duties have taken her to [[Lepidstadt]].

  • Daladmin Quin

    Captain Quin leads the Foreguard, who are based in [[Tamrivena]] but responsible for keeping the orcs of [[Belkzen]] on the far side of the [[Bleakwall]].

  • Azra

    A mute wandering priestess of Desna, Azra travels much of western [[Ustalav]], from [[Canterwall]] to [[Caliphas County]], aiding travellers and working her goddess’s will. Her time among Pharasma-worshipping people has led her to learn much of the …

  • Socorro

    In the years leading up to [[:tar-baphon|Tar-Baphon]]'s return as a lich, Socorro was a powerful wizard in the [[Ustalav|Ustalavic]] city of [[Carrion Hill]]. Though the city was half the size it is today and had a reputation for harbouring bandits and …

  • Onmanun Brosheilov

    Father Onmanun Brosheilov served in the Wallguard decades ago before answering Pharasma’s call, and though it is his goddess’s will to stoically endure hardship, he has little patience for the overzealousness of the modern militia and his former …

  • Dame Eilisilo Varga

    The most recent in a long line of beautiful women to serve as [[:aericnein-neska|Count Neska]]'s secretary, protector, and cardinal companion, Varga came to the count’s attention during a political visit to the Chelish capital of Egorian, where she …

  • Lacramoria Dutachka

    Lacramoria is the matriarch of the Dutachka caravan, and gave mail to both Miri M and Miri V in Ravengro before their birthday. She also told Ovidiu's fortune.

  • Witchfinder Erdin Coim

    Despite his nearly 72 winters, the eldest priest of the Chapel of Guilts, Erdin Coim, refuses to retire to the ascetic, self-mortifying life of his order—not out of fear of the lash or his brothers' tortures, but in fanatical belief that his worldly work …

  • Rogeif Yharloc

    The people’s hero, Yharloc reigns as the most famous hunter of lycanthropes in [[Lozeri]]. Though adopted by the Palatine Council as a representative of the common folk, he spends much of his time stalking the [[Shudderwood]] for sentient prey. Yharloc …

  • Luxia Mirsaad

    Born a Sczarni, Luxia was the only one of her clan to survive an ambush by orcs. She is often seen in the wilds of [[Virlych]].

  • Bishop Bavhulameta Ulametria

    Could the hearty holy mother of [[Kavapesta]]'s Cryptgate Cathedral stand, she would tower over most of her congregation, yet a life-long regimen of self-mortification has crippled her to a perpetually kneeling posture. Although such torture is not a …

  • Viscount Oilic Galdyce

    The aged viscount of the [[Ustalav|Ustalavic]] county of [[Amaans]] long sated his lusts among the peasantry of that mountainous region, claiming bride after ill-fated bride in a supposed attempt to father a male heir. Revealed as a nosferatu, Galdyce …

  • Alci

    Alci hired four gnome mercenaries in [[Caliphas|Caliphas City]] and had them all teleported to [[Courtaud]]. From there, they set out looking for the party. Alci was destroyed in his coffin while he was recovering from combat.

  • Zindelo Vishki

    Zindelo Vishki is one of the two senior partners of the Vishki caravan, along with his wife [[:shofranka-vishki|Shofranka]]. He has three children and several grandchildren, including [[:miri-vishki]].

  • Zeffiro Lesiege

    From his penthouse crowning the lavish [[Eylusia]] Building, Lesiege runs an empire of suffering. Rising from beginnings at the Lady’s Gardens cemetery, Lesiege turned mourning into a business, his company crafting burial monuments and employing …

  • Opor Mirgravos

    Opor is well acquainted with [[:miri-magravi|Miri Magravi]]. He lives in Nathrus Village just outside the walls of [[Tamrivena]], and seems to know about a lot of illicit activity.

  • Aericnein Neska

    Ancient at more than ninety years old, Count Neska still actively manages his realm, his mind undulled by age and his visions for a utopian society undeterred. Features once lean and sharp have dried over the decades, cracking his hatchet face with a …

  • Sasandra Livgrace

    Beloved Countess of [[Sinaria]] and occasional belle of the renowned [[Karcau]] Opera, Sasandra Livegrace holds court from Swansong House, overlooking [[Lake Prophyria]]. Although a scandalous “kidnapping” in her youth remains a source of slanderous …

  • Ticaria Magravi

    Ticaria Magravi is the matriarch of the Magravi caravan. She is partners with her husband, [[:kostin-magravi|Kostin]]. They have three daughters: [[:euzenia-magravi|Euzania]], Jaelle, and Simza.

  • Montagnie Crowl

    Dr Crowl is a professor of Antiquities at the [[University of Lepidstadt]]. He received Professor Lorrimor's books from the PCs with sadness, since they had been good friends. He was somewhat distracted at the time because of a recent break-in.

  • Shofranka Vishki

    Shofranka is one of the two senior partners of the Vishki caravan, along with [[:zindelo-vishki|her husband]]. She has three children and several grandchildren.

  • Yasmardin Senir

    The third son of a third son, Yasmardin Senir was not destined for power. Rather, in following with [[Ustalav|Ustalavic]] custom, his fate was to serve—the third-born son of any noble family being tradition-bound to take oaths of devotion to Pharasma. …

  • Healer Taeb

    Hermit and wise man, it’s said the ancient Taeb was once a great healer in Geb, but foes drove him from his undead homeland. After fleeing assassins for years, he now hides his wondrous hovel beneath a shadowed cliff called Vulturefang. Locals claim he …

  • Solismina Venacdahlia

    For two decades, Solismina Croscamille entranced the people of [[Ustalav]] with her talent and beauty, sweeping the country as a leading lady of national theatre. Few reviewers could resist her waves of raven hair or nymph-like carriage, and she …

  • Milosh

    Milosh lives in [[Lepidstadt]] but acts as a permanent contact for the Vishki family caravan. Though not personally a member of the family (and not working exclusively for them) he is well-trusted.

  • Lyuba Zirnova

    Lyuba Zirnova has long red hair. She is well-loved by the people of [[Lepidstadt]] for her role in the trial of [[:beast]].

  • Ambrose Khard

    A dour man in his eighties, Chief Justice Khard speaks with a deep, commanding voice and suffers no nonsense in his court. The Chief Justice carries the court gavel—a mallet of black ebony the Justice uses to keep order—and wears a huge cartwheel ruff …

  • Ailson Kindler

    [[Ustalav]]'s most famous writer, the author of _Galdyce’s Guest: Feast of the Nosferatu_, _Her Wounds Never Bled_, _Steps Upon the Sanguine Stair_, and dozens of other tales, lives comfortably in [[Ardis]]'s community of Grimol Hall. A former …

  • Tseva Vishki

    Tseva is the middle child of [[:zindelo-vishki|Zindelo]] and [[:shofranka-vishki]]. She has several children, [[:marta-vishki|the oldest of whom]] is nineteen.

  • Kostin Magravi

    Kostin Magravi and his partner, [[:ticaria-magravi|Ticaria]], run the Magravi merchant caravan. They have three daughters who are junior partners in the caravan ([[:euzenia-magravi|Euzenia]], Jaelle, and Simza), as well as numerous grandchildren ( …

  • Karl

    Karl worked as assistant to Doctor Brada in the Karb Isle Sanctuary. He was blinded when it burned down, but had his vision restored by the temple of Pharasma after [[:miri-vishki|Miri V]] paid for the procedure. h4. Play History h6. 2015 *April …

  • Conwrest Muralt

    An orphan born in Ardagh, Conwrest spent the first twelve years of his life raised by Pharasmin oblates until his adoption by the aging widower Count Manfray Muralt. His new life at Castle Odranto proved peaceful, and he was given full run of the …

  • Reneis Ordranti-Caliphvaso

    Born in scandal, the alleged son of former Prince Valislav Ordranti and [[:carmilla-caliphvaso|Countess Carmilla Caliphavso]]'s long-missing sister, Millaera, potentially holds the most direct claim to [[Ustalav]]'s throne. Sequestered by his aunt …

  • Euzenia Magravi

    Euzenia is the daughter of [[:ticaria-magravi|Ticaria]] and [[:kostin-magravi]]. Her only child is [[:miri-magravi]].

  • Marta Vishki

    Marta is the daughter of [[:tseva-vishki]], and the oldest of several children. She is determined to be a great priestess of Desna. h4. Play History h6. 2015 *June 20* Patricia *September 19* Karen

  • Violeta Zunaida

    Baroness Zunaida feels she only has a few years left in her, and she is determined that her granddaughter [[:evgenya-zunaida|Evgenya]] will not inherit her title. Fortunately, the baroness has learned through divination that she has another surviving …

  • Yoshala Vishki

    Yoshala is the older of Marta's younger siblings. He's the best at cart driving. He tried to use some sort of supernatural influence on his cousin Miri so that he could accompany her and Marta, but it didn't work.

  • Sandu Magravi

    Sandu married into the Magravi family. He is married to [[:euzenia-magravi]] and has [[:miri-magravi|one daughter]].

  • Semiya

    Semiya was recently bit by werewolves, and is much disconcerted by this. She claims that Miri Magravi and Miri Vishki have stolen her face. She has the same birthday as them, and is the same height. (They have not yet seen her non-wolfy face.) Semiya …

  • Nadya Magravi

    Nadya Magravi is the daughter of Simza Magravi, and thus a cousin of [[:miri-magravi]]. Nadya has a baby daughter named Mala.

  • Chef Ladimeur

    A talented and fastidiously obsessive chef from [[Ardeal]], Chef Ladimeur cooks for Ascanor’s guests, assisted by two scullions named Yvonna and Ostin.

  • Paucy Troabs

    Ascanor’s sloppy and dimwitted groundskeeper and handyman, Paucy has an eerie habit of appearing and disappearing throughout the day.

  • Quiene Steymor

    Ascanor’s stablemaster, Quiene is a short, fit woman in her early thirties with pale skin, dark eyes, and long auburn hair gone slightly gray at the temples. For the most part, she tends the lodge’s horses, but she is skilled at woodcraft and occasionally …

  • Ruessa Webbe

    This plump, middle-aged spinster serves as the lodge’s housekeeper, washerwoman, and seamstress. Her teenaged niece and nephew, Bisthe and Vasoray, work respectively as a chambermaid and footman in the lodge.

  • Jaelle Magravi

    Jaelle Magravi is the second daughter of [[:kostin-magravi|Kostin]] and [[:ticaria-magravi]]. She has one daughter: Tsura Magravi.

  • Ostovach

    A native of Lozeri, Ostovach guides his hunts with four fearsomely large Belkzen wolf hounds, and is often referred to as “the Markiza’s hound” by Ascanor’s other guests. He is the constant companion of [[:markiza-welgory]].

  • Bran

    Bran worked for [[:duristan-silvio-ariesir | Duristan Silvio Ariesir]] as a guard. Bran was killed by werewolves in the [[Shudderwood]].

  • Tsuritsa Salliamovic

    Tsuritsa was [[:evgenya-zunaida | Lady Evgenya Zunaida]]'s lady's companion. She was killed in [[Feldgrau]]. h4. Play History h6. 2016 *January 30* Cedric

  • Stanka Pani

    Stanka Pani was [[:evgenya-zunaida | Lady Evgenya Zunaida]]'s lady's maid. She was killed in [[Feldgrau]]. h4. Play History h6. 2016 *January 30* Cedric

  • Ibhris Akpahl

    Ibhris Akpahl, traveling swindler and treasure-hunter, arrived in Dimayen about three months before the PCs. bq. “Ibhris Akpahl? That loathsome little man wandered into town with a host of venereal diseases months ago—claimed he’d escaped a pairaka, …

  • Eugenie

    Eugenie works for [[:jirithan]]. She greeted the PCs when they arrived in [[Feldgrau]] and escorted them to him.

  • Shemkar Shellish

    Shemkar Sheliish was a Sarenrae devotee on a mission to destroy the world with fire. He had a crush on [[:arlyxannah-thanh|Arlyxannah]]. Shemkar was killed defending the basement of the Sunbleached Tower. Miri V claimed his hat.

  • Dehlvat Aaban

    Dehlvat shared none of [[:sayid-aaban | his father]]'s interest in what he called musty old scrolls and foolish superstitions. One evening, while more than a little inebriated and eager to impress his exciting new companion, Dehlvat bragged to [[:ibhris- …

  • Arakor Shonar

    Arakor Shonar was the only priest of Sarenrae left in the temple—the rest of his faithful left on a mission into the Meraz to help a tribe rout a rumoured undead threat. Arakor stayed behind to tend to the faithful. Soon after, the [[Feast of Dust]] …

  • Ezrisha Whitewater

    Ezrisha Whitewater assigned a test to Hilda's Glowing Carrots in the form of playing hide & seek with a clockwork beetle. Ka'kutah found the creature before Ezrisha finished explaining the test.

  • Kardag Whitewater

    Kardag lives in the Whitewater compound in [[Dimayen]], along with his "kittens", Zala and Ti. When he invited Hilda's Glowing Carrots to a friendly sparring match, he ended up shot and in a coma.

  • Alif

    Alif is the junior cleric at the Shrine of Overflowing Joys in [[Dimayen]]. He is reputed to be quite an artist, though so far his duties have not permitted much exercise of this talent.