Tag: halfling


  • Ka'kutah Manneh

    * raised among a remote tribe of halflings in the Mwangi Expanse * tribe (Ka'tuah) had 2 stolen guns. Father was a "gun holder" * tribe wiped out by Katapeshi expedition * Ka'kutah eventually escaped with his father's gun * Now travels Golarion …

  • Karum Frunze

    Karum Frunze told [[:ka-kutah-manneh|Ka'kutah]] about visiting [[Harrowstone]], and taunted him to do it himself. After promising to meet him there one midnight, Karum stood him up.

  • Nanny Milakesh

    Hunaydah "Nanny" Milakesh presides over the House of Nabulsi inn in [[Dimayen]], which is staffed entirely by her family.