Tag: elf


  • Imdlara

    Imdlara is one of the few elves living in Ravengro. She smiles at all the abuse hurled her way, and hangs out with [[:kendra-lorrimor|Kendra]] and [[:morguvic-denostri|Morguvic]].

  • Hedgehog

    Hedgehog was much travelled in her youth, but has settled down for a quiet life of contemplation. Hedgehog presented [[:arlyxannah-thanh|Arlyxannah]] with some sweet cakes on her birthday. They were baked according to [[:rebekah-thanh|her mother]]'s …

  • Talvien Graymard

    The undead corpse of an elvish ranger, Talvein endlessly seeks justice against Gildais, [[:tar-baphon|Tar-Baphon]]'s seneschal, for murdering his family. Before the crusading corpse could reach [[Gallowspire]], however, the tower was sealed and its armies …