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  • Dimayen

    Once a rather large farming community, Dimayen has fallen upon hard times. The collapse of its irrigation network, failing crops, unseasonable dust storms, and most recently a staggering increase in the local ankheg population has the town on its knees. …

  • Arakor Shonar

    Arakor Shonar was the only priest of Sarenrae left in the temple—the rest of his faithful left on a mission into the Meraz to help a tribe rout a rumoured undead threat. Arakor stayed behind to tend to the faithful. Soon after, the [[Feast of Dust]] …

  • Nanny Milakesh

    Hunaydah "Nanny" Milakesh presides over the House of Nabulsi inn in [[Dimayen]], which is staffed entirely by her family.

  • Ezrisha Whitewater

    Ezrisha Whitewater assigned a test to Hilda's Glowing Carrots in the form of playing hide & seek with a clockwork beetle. Ka'kutah found the creature before Ezrisha finished explaining the test.

  • Kardag Whitewater

    Kardag lives in the Whitewater compound in [[Dimayen]], along with his "kittens", Zala and Ti. When he invited Hilda's Glowing Carrots to a friendly sparring match, he ended up shot and in a coma.

  • Alif

    Alif is the junior cleric at the Shrine of Overflowing Joys in [[Dimayen]]. He is reputed to be quite an artist, though so far his duties have not permitted much exercise of this talent.