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  • Vauran Grimburrow

    Vauran Grimburrow is officially in charge of Ravengro's temple to Pharasma, but the day-to-day tending of the flock and maintenance of the temple and the Restlands are largely seen to by a dozen acolytes. The sale of minor magic items is also the acolytes …

  • Rufio

    Rufio is one of the acolytes working for [[:vauran-grimburrow |Father Grimburrow]]. He is third-senior, after [[:crummox]] and [[:zantierra]].

  • Ovidiu

    Ovidiu grew up in Tamrivena, raised in a temple of Pharasma. He was a member of the clergy, but fell out of favour after he broke the wards on an ancient tomb and released an undead creature held within. Ovidiu spent some time in [[Ravengro | Ravengro]] …

  • Zantierra

    Zantierra is a Varisian woman who serves in the Pharasmin shrine in [[Ravengro]]. She is the acolyte in charge of magical objects. In addition to holy water and a few locally-made potions, the temple currently has four magic items they would be willing …

  • Morguvic Denostri

    Morguvic Denostri is the third son of some local prosperous farmers. He serves the church of Pharasma, and firmly believes that she has concluded her time as the goddess of knowledge and prophecy and is beginning her time as goddess of ineffable chaos. …

  • Dorin

    Dorin is an acolyte of Pharasma at her church in [[Ravengro]]. He was able to help [[:annalieza]] and [[:mug-schostrovor|Mug]] after they'd been attacked by ravens and brought to the temple by the PCs. Dorin has a reputation for being reluctant to …

  • Crummox

    Crummox has seniority among the acolytes of Pharasma, most of the rest of whom feel protective toward him. Crummox isn't very bright, but he's enthusiastic and an extremely hard worker.

  • Miruna

    Miruna is a cleric of Pharasma, and one of the acolytes working for [[:vauran-grimburrow|Father Grimburrow]] in [[Ravengro]].

  • Liniara

    Liniara _really_ hates the undead, and has been agitating for [[:vauran-grimburrow|Father Grimburrow]] to lead an expedition to [[Harrowstone]] to look for undead and destroy them.

  • Azra

    A mute wandering priestess of Desna, Azra travels much of western [[Ustalav]], from [[Canterwall]] to [[Caliphas County]], aiding travellers and working her goddess’s will. Her time among Pharasma-worshipping people has led her to learn much of the …

  • Onmanun Brosheilov

    Father Onmanun Brosheilov served in the Wallguard decades ago before answering Pharasma’s call, and though it is his goddess’s will to stoically endure hardship, he has little patience for the overzealousness of the modern militia and his former …

  • Yasmardin Senir

    The third son of a third son, Yasmardin Senir was not destined for power. Rather, in following with [[Ustalav|Ustalavic]] custom, his fate was to serve—the third-born son of any noble family being tradition-bound to take oaths of devotion to Pharasma. …

  • Yanosh Vumari

    Yanosh Vumari is a wandering cleric of Nethys out to learn more about the world. h4. Play History h6. 2015 *June 6* Kurt