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  • Ascanor Lodge

    Attracting wealthy hunters from across the country and beyond, the Ascanor Lodge advertises itself as an island of luxury in [[Ustalav]]'s final wilderness, where elite sportsmen can hunt the land’s deadliest and most abundant beasts without sacrificing …

  • Estovion Lozarov

    Lodge Warden Estovion Lozarov is [[Ascanor Lodge|Ascanor]]’s custodian and overseer. The only son of Ascanor’s previous caretakers, Estovion grew up in the lodge and it is the only home he has ever known. Although a former retainer of Count Beauturne, …

  • Delgros Kroitzcer

    Delgros Kroitzcer serves as [[Ascanor Lodge|Ascanor]]'s huntsmaster and leads (or at least accompanies) the majority of hunts for the lodge’s guests. Delgros is in his early thirties, and he possesses a fine physique.

  • Corvin Tergsvor

    The second son of Cervaus Tergsvor, one of [[Courtaud]]'s most influential nobles, Corvin Tergsvor is enjoying an extended stay at Ascanor. A dissolute young poet and something of a black sheep, Corvin was involved in a minor scandal when he engaged the …

  • Cilas Graydon

    Nearing fifty years old, Cilas Graydon, the Margrave of [[Sturnidae]], is a retired military commander who served under [[:aericnein-neska|Count Neska]] of [[Barstoi]]. Graydon stands nearly 6 feet tall, with a slender build, long features, and a …

  • Madame Ivanja

    An influential courtesan with ties to the Violet Widow, an infamous [[Courtaud]] brothel themed as a Pharasmin chapel, Madame Ivanja imports the most exquisite and luxurious companions for guests who request such services. The lodge itself has no formal …

  • Chef Ladimeur

    A talented and fastidiously obsessive chef from [[Ardeal]], Chef Ladimeur cooks for Ascanor’s guests, assisted by two scullions named Yvonna and Ostin.

  • Paucy Troabs

    Ascanor’s sloppy and dimwitted groundskeeper and handyman, Paucy has an eerie habit of appearing and disappearing throughout the day.

  • Quiene Steymor

    Ascanor’s stablemaster, Quiene is a short, fit woman in her early thirties with pale skin, dark eyes, and long auburn hair gone slightly gray at the temples. For the most part, she tends the lodge’s horses, but she is skilled at woodcraft and occasionally …

  • Ruessa Webbe

    This plump, middle-aged spinster serves as the lodge’s housekeeper, washerwoman, and seamstress. Her teenaged niece and nephew, Bisthe and Vasoray, work respectively as a chambermaid and footman in the lodge.

  • Ostovach

    A native of Lozeri, Ostovach guides his hunts with four fearsomely large Belkzen wolf hounds, and is often referred to as “the Markiza’s hound” by Ascanor’s other guests. He is the constant companion of [[:markiza-welgory]].