Mug Schostrovor


male human

Hero Points 1 (for the write-up for January 31, 2015)


Mug is 18. He is planning on becoming mayor of Ravengro, a position that has never existed but one he is confident he can create. The first step of his plan is marrying Annalieza, but so far she has refrained from committing.

Mug and Annalieza were attacked by unusually big ravens at the Harrowstone memorial, and saved by several of the PCs. Their unconscious bodies were revived by the clerics of Pharasma.

Mug was in the town square on Calistril 22 when it was attacked by skeletons, and after initially running away he returned at Annalieza’s side to try to fight them off.

That evening he was in the town hall when fires mysteriously started around it. He protected the town councillors then was the one who ultimately extinguished the flame.

Mug sailed to Tamrivena in an attempt to follow Annalieza. She rebuffed him, and he joined the Wallguard (not entirely voluntarily).

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Mug Schostrovor

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