Ibhris Akpahl


male human


Ibhris Akpahl, traveling swindler and treasure-hunter, arrived in Dimayen about three months before the PCs.

“Ibhris Akpahl? That loathsome little man wandered into town with a host of venereal diseases months ago—claimed he’d escaped a pairaka, but given his character, we assume he acquired them the usual way. We relieved the worst of his ailments, and he threw a drunken fit when we required payment for Sarenrae’s blessing. Perhaps if he were a regular parishioner—or at least less belligerent—we would have provided our services for free. He… desecrated our holy water, then kicked over the font and stormed out. I understand he eventually left town with Sayid’s good-for-nothing son Dehlvat, and Dawnflower forgive me, I was glad to see them both go!” -Sister Khalidras

Ibhris was at Blood Rise Rock with the so-called “new god”. He was defeated in the fight in the secret room.

Ibhris Akpahl

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