Gharen Muricar

Ravengro Councilman


old male human


Gharen Muricar is an old friend of Professor Lorrimor, and attended his funeral.

Councilman Muricar writes the “Wealday Parchment”, a weekly posting that summarizes Ravengro’s current politics. Occasionally, it even carries news of events beyond Ravengro’s borders. The “Wealday Parchment” is the closest thing Ravengro has to a weekly paper.

Councilman Gharen Muricar is just a few years junior to his lifelong friend Vashian Hearthmount, but acts like a man half his age. He’s the most up to date on matters outside of Ravengro, keeping the council abreast of national events, and also serves as the city’s unofficial historian. His reputation as something of a rake has not diminished much in his old age—but he’s such an institution in the town that most of the citizens take his lechery in stride, regarding it as “mostly harmless.”

Gharen Muricar

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