Lady Evgenya Zunaida


female human vampire

Hero Points 1 (for the write-up for November 7, 2015)


Lady Evgenya lives in Caliphas City, and is part of a once-proud family that has fallen on hard times. She is second in line to inheriting her grandmother’s title, after her cousin Arlyxannah.

Lady Evgenya is a vampire, and in her first confrontation with Arlyxannah was reduced to mist. She fled away into the fog in that form.

Her second confrontation with Arlyxannah took place at Valorfoe in Belkzen. She had Arlyxannah unconscious was was attempting to spirit her away when she was killed by Arlyxannah’s friends. They tracked down her coffin and made sure that she was gone for good.

Play History


January 30 Cedric

Lady Evgenya Zunaida

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