Dame Eilisilo Varga

The Chain Countess


female human


The most recent in a long line of beautiful women to serve as
Count Neska‘s secretary, protector, and cardinal companion, Varga
came to the count’s attention during a political visit to the
Chelish capital of Egorian, where she served as an Order of
the Scourge Hellknight. After unintentionally witnessing
her skill during a raid on a den of Desnan revolutionaries,
Neska approached her with an offer to join his retinue.
Though she initially declined, she mysteriously changed
her mind by the end of his stay, returning with him to
Ustalav. In the eight years since entering the count’s employ,
Varga has advanced to a station second only to Neska
himself and actively oversees Barstoi’s policing. The land’s knights loathe and envy their commander—calling her the Chain Countess in hushed tones—yet all obey, fearing her merciless combat prowess and Hellknight armour.

Dame Eilisilo Varga

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