Devil in Grey


male creature that looks like a big wolf


It’s the size of a charger with an ash-grey pelt. Its howl summons up devils and drives those who hear it mad. Its jaws can crush a horse’s skull, and it can vanish in a cloud of mist and dust. Countless tales surround the Devil in Grey, the most feared murderer in Lozeri. Beginning its unpredictable rampage ten years ago with the savaging of a lone washerwoman, its bloody legend includes attacks on whole parties of pursuers and, in 4701, invading Chastel, where it slaughtered nearly twenty victims. Dozens of deaths across the county are attributed to the Devil’s fangs, and though many claim to have slain the beast, its depredations continue even after a decade of horror. While some claim the creature is a werewolf, supposedly even the Shudderwood’s lycanthropes fear and avoid the beast. Though human hunters have never been able to track the creature, the werewolves supposedly know of its lair, a place of grisly trophies and ravenous pups.

Devil in Grey

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