Conwrest Muralt

Count of Odranto


male human


An orphan born in Ardagh, Conwrest spent the first twelve
years of his life raised by Pharasmin oblates until his
adoption by the aging widower Count Manfray Muralt.
His new life at Castle Odranto proved peaceful, and he was
given full run of the ancestral estate, except for entry to his
new father’s private study. When Conwrest turned fourteen, the
count returned from court with Lyrabella, a ten-year-old
with dark hair and a sharp mind. The youths became fast
friends, and as they grew older, their affection grew greater than familial. Years later, after suffering a debilitating seizure, Count Manfray passed away and the title became Conwrest’s. Sorrow at Manfray’s death soon turned to joy with Conwrest and Lyrabella’s marriage. All was considered well until Conwrest was rumoured to have inherited the Muralt insanity as well as the title. No conclusive evidence of this has surfaced, and many consider that it is base slander.

Conwrest Muralt

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