Bishop Bavhulameta Ulametria

Pharasmin Penitence Administrator


female human


Could the hearty holy mother of Kavapesta’s Cryptgate Cathedral stand, she would tower over most of her congregation, yet a life-long regimen of self-mortification has crippled her to a perpetually kneeling posture. Although such torture is not a prescription of Pharasma’s faith, the bishop unshakeably adheres to the teachings of the Pharasmin Penitence, believing that death’s rewards correspond to the suffering in one’s life.

Despite her religious zeal, Bishop Ulametria possesses a keen mind, performs daily sermons, and believes in healing the sick and easing excess burdens. Yet, she also sees virtue in pain, and several clerics of Cryptgate bear scars and disfigurations the holy mother refuses to let them heal.

Bishop Bavhulameta Ulametria

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