Aericnein Neska

Count of Barstoi


male human


Ancient at more than ninety years old, Count Neska still actively
manages his realm, his mind undulled by age and his
visions for a utopian society undeterred. Features once lean
and sharp have dried over the decades, cracking his hatchet
face with a labyrinth of wrinkles and eroding his thin white
hair to a severe widow’s peak. Although deliberate, his gait
demonstrates his discipline and determination not to show
signs of age or weakness in his carriage or any other facet
of his life. Although his frame might quietly suffer time’s
lash, his intellect perseveres. A keen businessman in his
earlier years, Neska’s life of leadership has made him a
master of cold logic and unanticipated resourcefulness.
Holding himself to strict philosophies of self-discipline and
detachment, he views himself as a humanitarian of ideals,
striving to forge a generation of able, talented, intelligent,
and strong individuals while building a paradise in which
they can flourish. He believes his laws condition those who live under them to be productive, courteous, and moral, while weeding out radicals and parasites, and accepts that measures of corruption and human loss are unavoidable in such a system.

Aericnein Neska

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