Carrion Crown

Welcome to the web site for Dale’s Carrion Crown campaign. The idea is that the feel will resemble that of some of the post-WWII black & white horror movies. This allows for the protagonists to make some bad choices that come back to haunt them later, but (unlike some of the more recent horror genres) also allows for a happy ending.

This wiki is intended as community property; any member of the group is welcome to edit or create any page. Please feel free to make as much use of this resource as will improve your experience in the campaign.

As the game begins, the player characters are gathering in the town of Ravengro because they’ve been notified that they have been named in the will of Professor Petros Lorrimor. The funeral and subsequent reading of the will have been delayed until all the principal parties have arrived.

The Object of the Game

The primary object of the game is to help everyone else at the table to have fun. Everything each of us does should look to that goal over and above everything else, including character success or even survival. We’re in this hobby because we enjoy it, and this is not a competition.

Carrion Crown

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